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Débutant / Novice I
Novice II image_1596.gif
Borracho grande       PDF Danse for Evermore                    
Texas Stomp       PDF Stop staring at my eyes PC 10   
Angels & Alcohol       PDF Low key  
Meat and Potato man       PDF I'm a Tornado     
Cowboy strut       PDF Anything for love  
 Stop staring at my eyes  PC 10 16   voir Nov II Wave on wave  
 Hey girl       PDF Hey girl (PC 10 2016)  
Rocket to the sun    PC 10 16       PDF Reason for my tears  PC 10 16  
Wave on wave voir Nov II    Drunken sailor  PC 10 16  
Drunken Sailor  (PC 10 2016)       PDF Head Over boots  
My Utopia  (PC 03 2017)       PDF Winning streak  
On the wave  (PC 10 2016)       PDF Pavement ends  
Lullaby waltz (PC 10 2016)      PDF On the wave  PC 10 16  
Go strait + Lay around (PC 10 2016)   Stucl like glue + My utopia  
Home to Louisiana    Dancing violins  
Low key   voir Nov II she wants a cowboy  
South Santa Fe  voir Nov II  South Santa Fe  
cadillac and caviar    Bring on the good times PC 10 2016  
Wanna dance    Do a little life  
Agua i fuego    Indian sound  
I won't go huntin  (PC 03 2017)   Agua y fuego / I won' go huntin  
Indian Sound       Mountain to the sea  
Another country                           another country + Rosa lee  
Mountain to the sea                       Lookout                 
Little Sofia   I got a woman  
Rose a lee + I got a woman                                   Happy, happy, happy   
Happy, happy, happy  PC 03 2017           Shake a tail feather  PC 03 2017  
Révisions démo      Rose from the sea PC 03 2017  
Révisions démo                  Drinking Problem  


Couple I et II           

Jungle Freak
Wave on wave for 2(1)       
Where we've been
       PDF Corn don't grow Partner (2)
Greater than me
       PDF Hello Heart (1)
Dancing around It
  We we've been together (2) PDF
A devil in deguise   PC 10 16
 Texas afternoon (1) PDF
Adrenalize   PC 10 16
       PDF head over boots partner (2)
Me and Johnny Cash   PC 10 16
       PDF  Drunken sailor (1&2)PC 10 16 PDF
All summer long
       PDF   Life of the party (2) PC 10 16 PDF
Pavement ends
 Voir novice A country high partner (1)
Untamed  PC 10 16
       PDF Barefoot and crazy for 2 (2)
Dear Friend

Setting the world on the fire

Stuck like you
   Mexican Wind (1) PDF
Dancin violins
 Voir Nov II Triple cross (2)  PC 10 16 + sweet delight 

No vacancy

South Santa Fe
   Texas valley + santa Fe Cha Cha (2)

No vacancy
   Stuck like glue  (2)
Angeleno  PC 10 16
  Mustang (1) PC  03 2017

  Sweet sangria (1 & 2)

One more chance  PC 10 16


The Island PC  03 2017

Tear I Cry (2)

Gypsy queen
       Island time (1) PC 10 2016
Lucky you                                       
                     Angeleno for two (2)

Sofia                                                           kaitlin Charleston (1 &2)                                 
Chasing down a good time   PC 03 2017
  Gypsy Queen Partner (2)   
Second hand hearts PC 10 16
Here's to You and I (1)
swing with me (2)

Missing (1 & 2) 

One more last chance (2)

Humble and Kind (1& 2)

Champagne cha (1& 2)

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